Getting links on great local sites is key to achieving good positioning in the search engines, i.e., getting more traffic to your website. But where do you start? Below, I’ve broken out some simple ways that you can approach building links for you company.

1. Use Social Media: Maintaining an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can help you network and find individuals who might be willing to link to your site.

2. Join Associations and Organizations: If you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce, these organizations will typically link back to your site. Such links will help establish your website as a local authority in the search engines. However, don’t just stop with your local Chamber of Commerce or BBB. Are there other local groups you are affiliated with? Credentialed by? If so, see if they are linking to your website, or ask them if they will.

3. Search for Local Blogs and Websites: You might be fortunate enough to be located in an area with a great repertoire of local sites and blogs that you can tap into. If such is the case, comment on these blogs (including links, if possible), offer to write a guest post for them, or request that they link to a valuable “local resource.” To find these types of sites, you can search:

Your City + “Blog” or “News”
Your Zip Code + “Blog” or “News”

4. Submit to Local Directories: Finding local directories can be pretty easy. Use search queries such as:

Your City + “Directory”
Your Zip Code + “Directory”
Your Neighborhood + “Directory”

You can even do a statewide query to help expand your local directory search.

Remember – this list is not exhaustive. Instead, it’s designed to complement your current SEO strategies. Above all, remember to keep producing content. Valuable content will help build your credibility – both online and locally, Over time, great content will not only grab the attention of the search engines, but it will also help establish you as an expert in your field – an attractive quality for potential customers.

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